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Rapid and sensitive non-invasive monitoring of biochemical markers

Real-time, continuous monitoring

Uninterrupted – 24/7


Comfortable, hands-free, tethered to a smartphone


Wrist-worn, small, light


Personalized, Tamper-proof

State-of-the-art Nanotechnology

Arborsense is commercializing its patented graphene-based sensor technology for rapid and sensitive monitoring of biochemical markers. Graphene is a one-atom thick carbon nanomaterial with remarkable electronic and mechanical properties. Its high conductivity and flexible structure provide an ideal platform to monitor clinically relevant chemicals transpiring through the skin.

Our Team

Arborsense’s business advisors are experts in the field of transdermal devices with extensive background in marketing of electronic monitoring products for self- and supervised use.

Girish Kulkarni


Tirdad Nickchi

Senior R&D Engineer – Materials/Electrochemistry

Vaishnavi Potluri

Biomedical Engineer – R&D

John Ross

Electrical Engineer – R&D

Professor Xudong Fan

Professor Xudong Fan

Scientific Advisor

Biomedical Engineering, University of Michigan

Professor Mark Ilgen

Professor Mark Ilgen

Scientific Advisor

Department of Psychiatry, University of Michigan

Who Is It For?

Health enthusiasts

Medical researchers

Court-mandated programs

Treatment centers & help groups

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